JetPack Buzz Lightyear Action Figure


While this Buzz figure isn’t quite as fancy as the super deluxe version, it’s still a great toy that’s perfect for recreating the first scene from the new movie.

This Buzz doesn’t have the flight sensor that his more expensive cousin has, but he does come complete with a seriously cool rocket pack that has all the bells and whistles a space ranger could hope for, including afterburner jet lights, real flames (well, not actually real flames, but they do look a little bit like real flames and are definitely better for playing with than real flames) and cool sound effects.

He also has a fully working laser (well, red light) with sound effects and can be put into whatever pose you like. He’s 12″ (30cm) tall, has a fully opening and closing helmet and he can speak various phrases from the movie.

This is a great Buzz toy for any fan, although if you can stretch your budget up to the deluxe Buzz Lightyear action figure I’d definitely recommend you consider that first.

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