• Tweet It’s a hard decision to have to make, but I’ve narrowed down the entire cast of Toy Story and Toy Story 2 to my top 11 characters (tried for top 10 but the squeaky aliens insisted on being included on account of their cuteness!). Apologies to those toys who didn’t make the list – […]

  • Tweet If it’s been ages since you last saw Toy Story 2, then let these glorious quotes remind you of its genius humour. And if it has been ages, go and watch it again – it’s guaranteed to put a smile on you face! Mrs. Potato Head helps her husband prepare to go out on […]

  • Tweet Toy Story 2 exploded onto cinema screens in late 1999/early 2000 (US launched earlier than UK) and was a massive success, easily beating its predecessor at the box office. As the third biggest movie of the year, Toy Story 2 was seen by a massive cinema audience of children and adults alike and there […]

  • Toy Story Woody and Tom Hanks
  • Tweet How much do you think you know about Toy Story? What about these five fabulous facts… Barbie doesn’t appear in the original movie. This is because Barbie’s owners, Mattel, didn’t want to give Barbie a specific voice as they felt it went against the way girls play with Barbie, giving her their own voice. […]

  • Tweet Toy Story was the first movie produced by Pixar and it revolutionised the animated film business. Prior to 1995 animated films were for children. And that was that. As a parent you would watch – and might even enjoy – some of the classic Disney productions, Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King and […]