The Ultimate Buzz Lightyear Action Figure – He talks! He flies! He Saves the World!


If you’re looking for the ultimate in Buzz Lightyear figures then you need look no further than this deluxe version. If this toy came to life then it would definitely be as pompous and proud as Buzz was when he first arrived – and deservedly so.

This Buzz is about a foot tall and has all the authentic details and special effects you could wish for (including a Certificate of Authenticity from Disney themselves). He has 65 different phrases and contains some clever “Talk Back” technology so that he will quite literally talk back to you when you talk to him. It’s very bizarre and just a little disconcerting to have an interactive conversation with a toy, but it’s really good fun too trying to have a conversation that makes sense.

The figure is easily put into different poses and positions and his head moves when he talks. With the simple push of a button (the big red round one – the coolest button on any dashboard!), Buzz enters Flight Mode – his wings pop out and the wing tips even light up. Added to this, Buzz can tell is he’s flying horizontally or vertically and makes the appropriate sounds!

Other working buttons put Buzz into different modes and he has a fully working laser (well, a light to be honest), a retractable helmet (to protect him from hostile environments), glow in the dark detailing (essential when in the dark of outer space) .

The details on this toy are exceptional, even down to the packaging which becomes his spaceship once you open it out and put the fold out wings on. If you’re a big Buzz fan, or you’re looking for a toy for a big Buzz fan then this really is it.

And the good news for you as a potential buyer is that this toy is going to be one where retailers really compete on price so it’s well worth having a shop aroun

If this action figure is a little pricey for you then check out some of our other Buzz Lightyear action figures.

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