Ultimate Deluxe Talking Sheriff Woody Doll – amazing interactive fun!


This really is the best Woody doll out there and is the perfect gift for any Toy Story fan.

He’s so like the real Woody from the movie that you’ll expect him to come to life every time you leave him alone. The reason for this is that he’s been made in conjunction with those clever peeps at Pixar and so he is a genuine absolute replica of the movie Woody, correct in every little detail – and he even has a certificate of authenticity to prove it.

This Woody stands at around 16″ tall (about 40cm) and he’s packed full of lots of details. From his soft plastic hat, belt and holster to the hard plastic badge, buttons, buckle and sheriff’s badge, this really is the perfect Woody doll. There’s even a special extra sheriff’s badge for the proud owner to wear.

Woody’s got a drawstring in his back and when it’s pulled he speaks over 50 different phrases from the movie which is great fun. But that’s not all – this Woody has some great “Talk Back” technology so when you talk to him he’ll answer you back! Or, put him next to the ultimate Buzz or Jessie figures to spark off a conversation between them all!

Woody comes in great retro-styled packaging – just like the “real” Woody from Woody’s Round-Up – and he also includes a stand so you can proudly display him in his full glory – but please don’t leave him alone and on display for too long – as we all know, Woody needs love and playing with! Give him plenty of cuddles and he’ll love you forever.

And one final thing – if you’re buying this toy for a child, do remember to let them have a go!

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